Ain't She Sweet (Milton Ager)

About the Song

This tune ideally represents the „Roaring Twenties“ feeling and is obviously a ukulele classic. However, I did not find a fingerstyle version of it, only chord sheets. So, for those of us (like myself) scaring the audience away when trying to sing, I made up a simple arrangement myself.


Original Key

no idea - most probably something with a lot of flat notes.

(Loren says it's Eb mayor, so I assumed right)



Regular gCEA

(does not work well in low G, you will have to change the fingering in some parts) 


Tab Notes

Best played in a mix of strumming and picking. I particularly like the movement in the first two bars, with the index fnger barring the strings and wandering up the neck [0-1-2 ], while the melody goes chromatically down on the first and second string [0-4-3]. This is followed by the standard „ragtime chord scheme“, from C (root note) to E7 and then down the circle of fifths back to the root note.

Note that some lead sheets recommend an F9 chord in the chorus, but I prefer a regular F. To my taste, with the F9 you „lose the beauty of the melody“ (says Chuck Berry).

Do as you please, both is fine. F9 chord chart is included in the tab.

Ain't She Sweet.pdf
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