This has some magic, it creates such a dreamy atmosphere. 

I regularly get carried away when I play it and can’t stop noodling around with that theme.

Another example of acoustic hypnosis through repetition.    


Original Key


For the theory nerds, more correct: B Dorian mode 

The scales used in the melody include the sharp 6th (G#) which is not part of the regular minor scale. 



Drop D  (if you want, put a capo on second fret for original key,) 


Tab Notes

Not too difficult, but essential to keep the arpeggios and bass in the background. 

I transposed it down one step to have some more flexibility for the melody. 

In the original chord sequence | Bm | A | E  |    | most fingers of the fretting hand are occupied with the chords. 

After the intro there are five parts, each one repeated once, and each of them based on the same chord sequence. 


A   The signature riff 

B   Verse ( „world was on fire …..“) 

C   Pre-Chorus ( „I never dreamed …..“)

D   Chorus („I ____ don’t wanna fall in love …..“) 

D’  Chorus variation (octave up) 

G_Wicked Game.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 94.0 KB

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