We are the Champions (Queen)


What? Stadium rock anthems on a fingerstyle page? Yes. I know what some of you think about Queen. You love them or you hate them. My advice:  If you listen to their songs, try to cut off the over-orchestration, ignore the pomp and pathos, and take away 90% of the overdubs, then what is left are some of the finest pop-jewels ever written.


Original Key

C minor





Tab Notes

You can (of course) play this much more sophisticated, if you want. The tab sheet is fairly basic. Just some remarks:

Verse | Part [ A ]

  - 2nd bar: F# minor chord is actually A6 (I just like the F# minor better)

  - bars 9 to 12: don’t worry about the G, all is played out of the D position

Chorus | Part [ B ]

  - try to add and let ring as many chord notes (3rds and 5ths) as possible

Chorus Outro:   

   - notes in diamonds are harmonics over the 12th fret


Germany 1 : Argentina 0

We are the Champions 2014

We are the Champions v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 213.5 KB

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