That's All (Genesis)


I have to admit it, I never liked the early Genesis and their plodding prog-art-rock exercises. Never understood what is so „progressive“ about permanent key and time changes and, at the same time, the lack of an interesting melody. All very academic. And when I heard this song first, I could not believe this was from Genesis. It has everything a great pop song needs. And this one is definitely great. So, I formally apologize.


Original Key

E minor





Tab Notes

More important than hitting every single note here is to maintain the „boom-chuck-a“ rhythm. A little bit of a thrill is the jump up to the 7th fret (third line - fourth bar). but since you have two open strings right before that, that is no mission impossible. If I can do it, everybody can.


Tab Notes 2

Genesis again. They just can’t follow a simple verse-chorus pattern and let it be. They had to add a not very well integrated and out-of-groove bridge to it. Which, by the way, makes it impossible to reduce the tab sheet to one page only. The song works well without the bridge. Save some paper.


That's all.

That's All_v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 393.2 KB

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