Another wonderful Queen ballad. Since my childhood I know the Japanese chorus lyrics by heart, as well as the full names of Pelé and Pipi Longstocking and the line-up of Kickers Offenbach in the 1970 cup final. But I need to write a shopping list for anything more complex than three items. Strange how brains work. 


Original Key

D minor / D major



Drop DG


Tab Notes

Intro: Starts off real slow and ends with a strange scale during the A chord (I assume it is a harmonic D minor scale starting on a; if I am wrong, let me know). 

[ A ]    Verse. Mark that the melody in the first bar is on the low notes. The last bar before the chorus is slowing down in a 3/4 measure. 

[ B ]    Chorus. Key changes to D major. Picking can be played more freely than I wrote it down. 

[ C ]    Bridge. A rough and sketchy transcription. The D chord in brackets actually is the last bar of the chorus.  

Teo Torriate.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 419.6 KB

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