Freddie Mercury’s gospel-inspired epic masterpiece. For details check out the various nerd pages such as „queensongs“ or „queenpedia“.


Original Key

Ab major (That is for pro's. Amateurs like me put a capo on I.)



Dropped DG (DGDghe)


Tab Notes

Basically (in this tuning) not too difficult (except for the bridge) but a lot of different parts:

A - the choir intro, very freely

B - the interlude, played in variations 

C - the verse, also slightly varied each time

D - the chorus

E - the bridge, the hardest part, the Fmajor bar simplified. „Red arrow note“: in fact this would be an "a",which is difficult to play in that position. Play as noted or stretch your pinky to VII fret on D string instead. 

F - the guitar solo, simplified and some cheats

G - the a-capella section with the „pre-final“ and a descending septuplet (!!). Lots of open strings and pull-offs here. 

H - the outro, beginning a-tempo, the two final bars slowing down again.

Somebody to Love.pdf
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