From „Frampton Comes Alive“, which was on my turntable constantly when I was a teenager. Although it was obvious - even for me as a half kid - that the sound of the album was too clean to be 100% captured alive. I did not mind back then, and I still do not care now. One of the few records that I still love to listen to from beginning to end. Poor Peter had to bear lots of mockery for the album cover with his hair shining in pink. And I remember reading all that bullshit presuming that „ good looking musicians can’t be good musicians“. Rubbish. Does being bold and overweight make me a better player? Definitely not.


Original Key




Open G (DGDghd). Even though the low E-string is not needed for the basic parts, 

downtune it anyway. It will ring „automatically“ when you play the open D-string(s).   


Tab Notes

Not 100% faithful to the recording. Wrote it down just to not forget. I was taught this song by a very nice Belgian guy in the last century. In fact, the [ B ] part is hard to write down. I pick this rather ad lib than following my own notation. It is just that one chord shape moving up and down the fretboard. The „diamond“ notes are natural harmonics.

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