The upper voices from Down Under. I knew that this song existed, but I never gave it too much attention, because I found the Bee Gees original too sentimental. And I just can't stand this falsetto timbre of the guy in the white suit. And then one day I heard a brillant instrumental version of Tommy Emmanuel accompanied by some other guy (it is on Youtube, check it out). That was the way it should be played !! Beautiful chord changes and a phantastic melody with some unexpected moves. 

Original Key




Tab Notes

Found myself unable to track down all the tidbits of the tune by ear, so this arrangement is based on an old Bee Gees songbook I found in the public library. At least some benefit for my taxes.

Because of the tonal range (almost 2 octaves) it was difficult to find an adequate key for the fingerstyle arrangement. Of course the original key was no option, cause I did not want to make the melody go too deep. Finally I transposed it to good old A - which seems a fine compromise for the melody and offers some open string bass. The harmonies are quite complex and it requires the right fingering to get along. For the first time, there are two downloadable sheets: one plain and one with some remarks for the more difficult parts (that is a two-page-document).

Sequence: [A] Verse - [B] Chorus - [A] Verse - [B] Chorus - [C] Bridge - [B] Chorus

How Deep is your Love_v2.pdf
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How Deep is your Love_REMARKS.pdf
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