Hey Jude (Lennon-McCartney)


No tabsheet website without the Fab Four. About this song, everything is already said here, there and everywhere. A masterpiece.



Dropped DG (DGDghe)


Original Key


Tab Notes

I always wanted to play this properly and kept searching for an appropriate tab web-wide. I didn't find one that fits my style or playing skills. The song is not too difficult, but either the stuff I found was in the strangest complex fingerings or plainly sounded wrong (when I play it). Sometimes you have to do things yourself („take a sad song and make it better“, haha).

The typical element of the song is the piano accompaniment. This requires a broader tonal range and more sustain than a single guitar offers. So I tried a semi-open tuning which, to my poor taste, works alright.

The third bar of the verse [A] is originally C with D in the bass. Feel free to do so, I like the "pure" C chord better.

The outro ("naaa naa naa nananana....") is tabbed only basically on the last line [ X ], for those of you who want the complete song. I always leave that out, to my mind this really needs to be chanted.

Hey Jude_v2.pdf
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