For the Longest Time (Billy Joel)


A masterpiece doo-wop style a-cappella tune. I like very much how the

bassline in the verse moves against the sweet melody, producing perfect harmony. 


Original Key

Eb. No wonder this is a-capella (maybe Billy did not find a bassplayer for that key - haha). Capo on III sounds right.





Tab Notes

Not a standard fingerpicking tune, still worth trying. I tabbed only baseline and melody, which leaves a lot of space for enrichment, voicings, etc., whatever you want, particularly in the Chorus [A]. The verse [B] - like everything else here - is played "let ring". The arpeggiating bass in the bridge [C] is quite challenging to play (at least for me) when your fingers are used to travis-like picking patterns.


Find someone for the fingersnapping. 

P:S: I can HEAR the bass - that was a joke !


For the Longest Time.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 258.9 KB

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