Another one of Paul’s wonderfully flowing melodies. And, as I heard, even John liked it. I had an arrangement of this song  in my mingle-mangle archive for long (source unknown) and gave it a try just recently. As always I had to change some large sequences for easier playability.  


Original Key

B mayor



Dropped D


Tab Notes

Nice descending bass line in the verse [ A ] and really tricky bars 5 and 6, starting from the C. I play it as a barre (index finger third fret) and stretch the pinky for the melody note. For the Eb chord, hold the barre (still index finger third fret) and use the rest of your fingers to form a C-chord shape. The chorus [ B ] mainly comprises slides on first and third string, and includes one not-so-common voicing of an E7 chord.

The outro [ C ] is a beautiful variation over the verse harmonies. (Aargh... that is of course an Eb chord  in the last line... )


For No One.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 340.3 KB

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