Desperado (The Eagles)


The title track of the second Eagles album is the first song ever written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey as a team. Later on, their cooperation wasn't so harmonious, as I hear. Even though never released as a single, the tune is included on the “Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-75”, which is, with some 42 million copies, to date the best selling longplayer in the U.S. and the best selling hit-compilation album worldwide.





Original Key



Tab Notes

The tab sheet contains only the melody and some root bass notes. Since this must played really, I mean really freely and slowly, everything can be fingered out of the chord position, so you can add corresponding harmonies. 

No need to mention that this a simplified version. In the (original) second verse, the harmonies / chords differ significantly from the first verse. Also, the end of the song is a little more complex than I tabbed it here.  

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 499.9 KB

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