Crazy (Willie Nelson)


Willie Nelson's "Crazy" is one of my favourites due to it's crossover genre jazz-country-pop style. I am playing this for two years now and never got it by heart since then. Too many chords. Time to write it down.





Original Key

don't know


Tab Notes

Willie Nelson's beautiful solo version on the “VH1 Storytellers” album (together with the great Johnny Cash) is the baseline for this sheet, brought to paper with the help of a leadsheet of Patsy Cline's version (Eb) which I transposed to an easier key.

The way Willie Nelson performs this can by no means be copied or imitated. This is why I chose to tab only the melody and the basic harmonies. .... I'm lazy .....

This is played very freely. In the fills, the chord progression is indicated. These chords can either be picked jazz-type* or arpeggiated.


As usual, up to your taste.



* academic foot note:

   - golden jazz guitar rule #1: never play more than three notes at once
   - golden jazz guitar rule #2: avoid the tonic wherever possible to make you sound real sophisticated

   - golden jazz guitar rule #3: never play an open string. that is for beginners

   - golden jazz guitar rule #4: in no case play chords with less than two ciphers after the root note 

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