Comme D'HABITUDE | My Way


Also and probably better known as “My Way”, made famous by Frankie Sinatra. Obviously the perfect soundtrack to celebrate the "American Way of Life", but this song is initially French. Written by C. François and J. Dervaux. A beautiful tune.



Original Key

Don't know.

Tab Notes

That tab is based on sheet music I found somewhere but which was way to difficult for me, so I simplified some tricky parts. Played quite slowly and relaxed. Very interesting is the chromatically descending bass line in the verse over the C and Dm chords. The Dm/C# requires some effort with the pinky. In the end of the verse, it has some interesting voicings over the F chord. Not my idea, but very nice anyway.

The second part starts with barré on the third fret. When you listen to the Sinatra version, you will find that the tempo is not straightforward. It slows down and gets “a tempo” several times, which makes the song very special.


Just play it “your way”.

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