Having heard this on the soundtrack of “Ocean's Eleven”, the oriental hookline did not go out of my brain. I learned that this was originally a Duke Ellington tune, written by Juan Tizol, the trombonist of his band. To make myself stop humming it all day, I started looking for some fingerstyle material of the track and tried to master it somehow. Like most of the time, the stuff I found was much too difficult for me. Here is something I made up that is playable.





Original Key

G minor


Tab Notes

The first two bars show the alternating A / Bb bass figure of the original, but for me impossible to be continued during the melody.

The [ A ] part is quite simple except for the “pinky stretch” to reach the c# on the 1st string.

In bar #8 (the phrase that leads down to the Dm), I prefer to play the melody “in the flow”. In the original, the entire chord descends chromatically. I find that this interrupts the groove. Anyway I have noted this alternative at the bottom of the tab sheet. Up to you to choose, as always.

Part [ B ] mainly goes down the circle of fifths starting from D9 and ending up in E7. I filled the long note parts with some “speed picking” with muted strings, letting ring the melody note.

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 182.5 KB

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