Title theme from the French gangster movie „Borsalino“ from 1970, featuring Alain Delon and Paul Belmondo. Written by jazz musician Claude Bolling, and introduced into the fingerstyle universe by none other than Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel.

Early case of shameless product placement: The title „Borsalino“ comes from the name of the company that produced the fedora hats appearing in the film, they also helped to finance the movie.


Original Key

Movie: Db major (hell!)   |   Fingerstyle Gods: A





Tab Notes

This is roughly based on the Chet Atkins / TE versions, strongly simplified, of course, because 

a.) if you can play like those guys, you don’t need my tabs and 

b.) once you master the melody and the groove, you can add the noodling around for yourself.   


The tab contains some (easier) alternative phrases, below the main line. Just a hint: if you play the last two notes of the intro as noted (sliding to the 7th fret of D and G string) you are better prepared to finger the following A-chord voicing. 

Borsalino Theme.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 733.3 KB

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