A standard from the thirties of the last century. 


Original Key






Tab Notes

Copied and simplified this from a more complicated score I do not master. Has three parts:

[ A ] Intro, just to get into the groove, with some little interspersed accentuations (my lousy imitation of a Fats-Domino-piano-style), [ B ] Verse, the second bar is quite tricky. Use your little finger for the C# bass note, [ C ] Bridge, the sequences underlined are explained in the chord diagrams at the bottom of the tab sheet. It is mainly an index finger barre, sliding up the fretboard and changing the position of the pinky during the G6.* The triplet lick at the end of this part is just an improvisation leading back to the root note, there are surely millions of other / better options around.


* By the way, for that third chord position, alternatively you can play open first and second string (e and b) with a G in the bass. It’s the same thing - it just doesn’t look so cool. 

Blue Moon.pdf
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