Bad Day (Daniel POWTER)


I do not listen to the radio very often, so I usually discover „new“ songs with a delay of a decade or so. Like this one. A wonderful song. Heard it first in the electronic „Monopoly“ game of my younger daughter. No joke. The first part of the chorus rings out every time you lose money. 


Original Key

E flat major (Capo on I you can play along)



Dropped D


Tab Notes

Part [ A ]  is the verse, [ B ] is the chorus. Played in a light shuffling feel, not as straight as noted. Very basically tabbed, it  is an ideal song for embellishments.


I left out the bridge intentionally. That’s the sort of „hey-look-I-am-a serious-musician-I-can-do-key-changes“ stuff and I find that it badly interrupts the flow of the melody. For those of you interested, I think its something like  | F |  F |  Bb | Bb | F |  F |  Bb | Bb | A | A | A | A |.


After the F#m (last bar noted - where the bridge would start) you can go directly to the verse again, and do the sequence as you like. The original ending also has some nice alterations in the harmony, but not interesting enough to create a third page.

Bad Day.pdf
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