Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)


And now for something completely different. A classical masterpiece.

The „Ave Maria“ of Austrian composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828, yes - died age 31) must not be mixed up with the standard catholic prayer of the same name. Anyhow it is often heard in church and at funerals, due to the opening words of the song.


Original Key




Drop DG (DGdghe)


Tab Notes

This is such a sweet and sad melody, that I simply had to post it here. I found a tab with the version of Chet Atkins on the web and it took me forever to be able to play it. As a part of my practising routine, I rewrote it for myself and simplified some sequences to make it run more smoothly.

Not really easy, lots of sliding, but since it is to be played really slow and has some open string passages, you can sort out your left hand fingerings every now and then while you play. Chord names are greyed out because the song doesn’t really lend itself to standard chord positions. I listed them anyway, just to remember the sequence.

Ave Maria_v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 223.2 KB

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