First hit of the Carpenters, for certain one of the most boring bands in pop history. But they have published some classic tunes. 

Like this here, requested by Laura. Have fun with it and please support free content. 


Original Key




Low G / Regular should work roughly


Tab Notes

Tabbed long ago with the „help“ of some sheet music , which was not very supportive. So I took some liberties with the melody as well with some chords. 

- Play as freely as possible. 

- The bridge with the many repetitive notes is difficult to adapt for fingerstyle. Play it real soft and lightly shuffling, otherwise it gets too hammering. 

- Oh, I left out what is supposed to be „bird chirps“ at the end of the bridge. Too fast for me.

- The arpeggio symbols are just a suggestion. Those chords can also be picked.

Close to You.pdf
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