The J. Geils Band mega hit. The one that goes na - na - na na na  na.


Original Key

C (starting with G)



Drop DG 


Tab Notes

Sounds really simple, but if you are accustomed to „thinking“ in harmony patterns based on the root key (like I do) this is quite tricky.  

It is written in C, but doesn’t start off with the root chord.  The chords change pretty fast and the melody note does not very often „naturally“ match with the underlying chord. Took me quite a while to find an appropriate key for a fingerstyle arrangement. Either the riff is to high or the melody too low or the other way round.  D major is always a good compromise in a semi-open tuning.


Parts are [ A ] Verse, [ B ] Bridge and [ C ] Chorus.

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 158.4 KB