A poem clad in pure and beautiful harmonies. Did you notice that the words don’t rhyme and it just doesn’t matter ? 


Original Key

Eb major





Tab Notes

Not so easy. It basically has three parts [ A ] Verse, [ B ] Chorus  [ C ] Bridge. 

Technically, there is not much to mention regarding Verse and Chorus.

There is one sequence within the verse that sounds like the chorus, but is harmonically different and part of the verse. 


Yet the Bridge is really tricky. I had to utilize the entire simplification toolbox to make it playable for me: 

- leaving out the root note  at the Bmaj7

- leaving out the harmonies at all (the one single note bar)

- octaving down (the last section during the „thumbed“ F chord.


The song has quite a lot of filling sections where the singing pauses.  For orientation I underlined those parts.  

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 448.1 KB